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Zombie or not Zombie? That is the question.

October 11th, 2007 by Weber


(Are you Zombie Chow™? Click above to find out.)

Found this great Zombie Survival quiz on one of Christopher Moonlight’s many Web sites.

That score is significantly lower than expected, attributable to either an inadequate weapons cache or a foolish inclination to help living strangers.

(But, as The Wife says, those strangers will make a tasty barrier between us and The Undead. Isn’t she great?)

Take the quiz and post your scores in comments. Be honest, too. I need to know who to call when World War Z breaks out.

BTW: The World War Z site has its own Risk Calculator. Based on their math, I’ve got a measly 36% chance of survival.

Know what that means?

“I’ll be eating you
In all the old familiar places
It’s your brain that my mouth taste-es
All the Day through . . . .”

Bone Appetite!

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