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Zombie Fighter Tops 1200 Reads

April 1st, 2010 by Weber


In February last year, I posted my story, “Maxfield Perish: Zombie Fighter” over at writer’s forum at ZombieFriends.com. As of today, the read count is at 1224 — more than twice that of the next most-popular entry, “the undead in mythology then and now”, which is also well worth your time.

Thanks to all the friends, zombie and otherwise, who’ve taken the time to read “Maxfield Perish”. Keep spreading the word!


(UPDATE 06 FEB 0212:  Looks like the ZombieFriends site is suffering from some kind of personality disorder. The last few times I’ve been there to check the story’s stats, the FORUM has been unavailable and the site just hangs trying to load. So forget it. If you want to read, or re-read the story, you can get the .pdf from the STORIES tab or just click here. )

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The Mouth of the Yukon — new fiction

March 23rd, 2010 by Weber


click here to download story (.pdf 472Kb)

(03/30 UPDATE: Had to pull and re-post the story document as it had some info on it that shouldn’t have been there. All clear now. Remain calm and carry on. That is all.)

A lot of stories have come off this machine lately, most of which are not entirely suitable for this site. Too many kids running around. Little kids — impressionable, not ready for restaurant hold-ups or the unpleasant demise of an old Southern matriarch.

And while this story isn’t for the wee young’uns, it’s ready material for the teenagers in your life. There’s some swearing in it, but nothing your average 6th grader hasn’t said or heard by now.

So, enough with the disclaimers. Enjoy the story; leave some comments. Repeat. Do it.

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Zombie Fighter

February 26th, 2009 by Weber


Good news! Some new fiction by yours truly!

I just posted a short story over at ZombieFriends.com“Maxfield Perish: Zombie Fighter”

There were some technical difficulties creating a link directly to the story. That appears to be fixed, but in case you’re having issues, just click the Zomibe Friends link to get to the site. On their index banner, click FORUM, then scroll down to DO IT YOURSELF and hit WRITERS WORKSHOP. My story should be near the top under the user name Fagein Sarks.

*** special No Prize to the first person who replies with the correct origin of my zombie name! ***

WARNING: This story lives up to the site’s tag line: “Startling Stories for All Ages.”

Startling? Oh, yeah.

For All Ages? Not this time.

Just so you know, this ain’t for the kiddies. Or the squeamish, faint of heart, people with lower back problems, or pregnant women. Or kids. Did I mention that already? Definitely not for kids. If it was, I’d’ve posted it here in all it’s gory glory.

Read. Comment. Repeat.



P.S. — the Zombie Friends engine appears to edit out all the swear words, so you’ll have to kind of Mad-Lib it when you see a series of asterisks. Sorry.

(UPDATE 06 FEB 0212:  Looks like the ZombieFriends site is suffering from some kind of personality disorder. The last few times I’ve been there to check the story’s stats, the FORUM has been unavailable and the site just hangs trying to load. So forget it. If you want to read, or re-read the story, you can get the .pdf from the STORIES tab or just click here. )

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Steampunk — Still the new black

May 11th, 2008 by Weber

Working steampunk laptop built by this guy in Japan.

It’s amazing that, nine months after it’s initial post, people keep finding their way to the story on Josh Freeman’s Steampunk Ghostbuster cosplay at SDCC 07. (“Steampunk Is The New Black.”)

Based on the comments people leave and the wealth of steampunkery displayed on the Interweb, I stand as firmly as ever on the initial statement.

That being said, there is apparently much confusion about what is — and isn’t — steampunk.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Avenge-O the Crime-fighting Robot (comics)

May 1st, 2008 by Weber


Avenge-O Adventures (click to download)(1.9MB)

Click the above link to see the first couple of installments in the Avenge-O saga.

The first story, “Forging of a Hero,” was written and drawn (by me) in 1999. It was supposed to be part of Supermarket Action!, a compilation showcasing the work of each Fine Arts Guild member. The conceit was every story had to take place in, or do with, a supermarket or grocery store.

It was a great idea. Unfortunately, it suffered from the same fatal defects encountered on most group projects and was never published. I don’t know if any of the other FAGs finished their parts. Not that it matters now.

Anyway, Part Two, “.38 Caliber Discount”, was written by me, too. I did a version with art for the book. In 2005, I headed to San Diego’s Comic Con International in search of an artist to work on a larger (awesomely good) Avenge-O script. I met cartoonist and industry inker Jorge Pacheco. He did a great job on these three pages. We’d planned to work together more, but he got married and had a kid, so that fell through, too.

Avenge-O first saw print in the (ultra-limited edition) JMS SHOWCASE. I sold almost the full run these in San Diego last year.


Other stories in this issue include “My Dead Grandmother Keeps Getting Mail,” an installment of “Monkeys On An Elevator”, and Parts I-III of “TOPOR: THE THING THAT SLEPT!”

I think there are still a few copies around. Anyone interested in a FREE! SIGNED! book, drop me a line in the comments section. I’ll give ’em away until there ain’t no more.

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Kirk vs. Cthulhu?

April 13th, 2008 by Weber


I’ve just finished reading Tales Of H.P. Lovecraft, a collection of the master’s shorter works selected and introduced by Joyce Carol Oates. (With some nice cover art by Mike Mignola, creator of the steampunk-tastic, Amazing Screw-On Head!)

Tales is a nice intro to Lovecraft’s mad and lonely world. The ten stories showcase what I imagine are some of the man’s best (and most accessible?) efforts, but also provide a Whitman’s Sampler of what has become known as The Cthulhu Mythos.

The central tenant of Lovecraft’s ‘pseudomythology’ is that Earth has been repeatedly invaded and populated over the eons by a series of alien races. In fact, “At The Mountains Of Madness,” hints that everything living here — plants, animals, humans — evolved from some ancient Elder Things’ experiments that were left to run wild.

So, if they (the Old Ones/Elder Things, Outer Gods, etc., etc.), are of outer space, and for as far and wide as the Enterprise ranged over the years, you’d think sometime, somewhere, Kirk & Co. would have come across these star-spawn, or at the very least, the degenerate remains of their home worlds.

I went looking for Star Trek/Cthulhu Mythos stories — authorized or fan fic — but my Interwebbular searches availed naught.

Has anyone written or found anything in this vein? If so, I humbly request your links. Please add them to the Comments section.

Many thanks.

( Kirk image courtesy of these nice people, Cthulhu image courtesy of this guy.)

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Noble Failure #12 (The Last 24-Hour Comic)

December 31st, 2007 by Weber

NOBLE FAILURE #12 (December 2007)


(Click here to view)

01/02/08 UPDATE:

Thanks to Webmaster Mike for creating the link to the final installment of NOBLE FAILURE.

The first part is a self contained story. The last two pages are experiments with the 3-panel dailies usually seen in newspapers. There’s no narrative connection between the two pages.

(That might be an interesting 24-Hour Comic: 24 pages of 3-panel gags that have no narrative thread other than the main character. Could you keep a coherent story out of that many pages and panels?)

Started at 9:00AM 12/30/07
Finished at 04:09AM 12/31/07

Pithy commentary to follow sometime after the new year.

[Having some technical difficulties with the upload: my blog account won’t let me upload files larger than 1.9MB. (NF12 is 2.08MB. So close, and yet so far). Will be asking Webmaster Mike for some assistance a little later — when it’s not 4:30 in the morning. So, yeah, please stand by. ]


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Noble Failure #11 (Another 24-Hour Comic)

December 17th, 2007 by Weber

NOBLE FAILURE #11 (November 2007)


Noble Failure #11
(click here to download)(1.6MB)

What’s all the hub-bub, Bub?

Only the latest edition of NOBLE FAILURE, my monthly 24-Hour Comic!

(Just because they get done on a monthly basis doesn’t mean they’ve gotten posted in the same month. Lots of excuses I could bore you with, but why bother? You wouldn’t believe half of them anyway.)

Having gained a ton of computer drawing experience with NOBLE FAILURE #9, I decided to take another swing at an on-line comic.

Swing — and a miss!

Issue #11 tops out at 14 pages. There are some surprises in those pages, artistically speaking. The newsmen came out nicely. They don’t look like my usual style, which must mean I’m learning.

So, only one more issue to go. I’ve got a couple of days off in a row this week, so will making my twelfth and final attempt starting late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, depending on the wife and kid.

The final issue will be posted before the end of the year. Count on it!

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Noble Failure #10 (Another 24-Hour Comic)

November 30th, 2007 by Weber

NOBLE FAILURE #10 (October 2007)


Noble Failure #10 Halloween Special
(click here to download) (2.16MB)

I’m thinking this is about as close to a 24-Hour Comic as I’m going to get: Twenty-six(!) pages (24 interiors, plus front and back covers) penciled in 15-and-a-half hours. Yee-haw.

Then again with the headaches! What the #@$%*?!?? So instead of pushing myself to the point of illness, I put some finishing touches on the interiors, inked the front cover, and that was that.

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Noble Failure #9, Part V — The Last Of It

November 30th, 2007 by Weber

NF#9: “Big Trouble, Part V”
(Click to download)(867KB)

The final installment of the Mr. Sprinkles saga.

The art was finished back on October 24 but it took this long to get it posted.


Oh, doing the October AND November editions of my 24-Hour Comics, as well as a few other messes, trickbags, and imbroglios — all of which turned out fine. I’ve got a new job and a new car, neither of which I was looking for nor wanted at the time, though things are all working out for the better.

So, read and enjoy these last few pages of Noble Failure #9. Doing the story this way was completely worth it to me. I hope you’ll find the conclusion worth your wait.

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