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Ugly Dolls to the Big Screen

June 17th, 2011 by Weber

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We at Der Weber Haus have, for many years, been fans of The Ugly Dolls. I saw my first one, Ice Bat, at Chicago Comics back around 2002 or so. And when I got word that Kidzilla was on the way, I went ahead on put an order in for Babo. Babo is cool — kinda shy but plays well with Chauncey the monkey, Morris the rabbit, Lucky Dog, Sally Cat, and our resident twin elephants, Didi & Gogo.

Now comes word that the Uglies will be jumping to the Big Screen:

Illumination Entertainment, the company behind “Despicable Me”, is planning to turn the Uglydoll collection of toys and books into an animated feature film reports The Wrap.

David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim created the characters in 2001 and their company has sold a wide range of branded products, including dolls, books, calendars, clothing and coffee mugs.

“Little Fockers” scribe Larry Stuckey will write the screenplay while Christopher Meledandril will produce. The company is based at Universal which will distribute and hopes to turn into a major franchise.

The excitement of seeing the Dolls brought to life is cooled by the fact the first run at the script will be done by someone who penned the latest (and hopefully last) Focker film. Let’s hope Illumination Entertainment decides to steer clear of 3D CGI.

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Tools for the Zombie Apocolypse

October 6th, 2010 by Weber


Found this beauty while researching USMC bolo machetes for a little project that’s in the works.

You’re looking at the Condor CT-5 — a 22-inch machete cut from 1095 spring steel. (The good stuff, or so I read.) Figure in the full tang and overall length is 27.5 inches. Just the kind of quality instrument one best have when dealing with the undead. Or heavy jungle. Or Whatever.

My 6-year old was next to me while I was looking these over so, naturally, I had to explain what a machete was, how it was different from a sword, and why I wanted one.

The wife tells me, “You don’t need a machete.”

The kid tells her, “Sure he does!”

That’s my girl . . .

Also found something called a bush cutlass, which looks like a cavalry saber for ninjas. The knuckle guard is nice . . . so is the point. Good for getting at the brain through the eye socket. But will the narrow blade hold up against zombie skulls?

Guess there’s only one way to find out.

Look for more edged weapons and other survival gear here:


Just click the image and you’ll zip right over.

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Zombie crosswords and word finds

April 22nd, 2010 by Weber


Try to imagine your surprise that I belong to Yahoo!’s Group Of The Living Dead.

Jan Kozlowski is a fellow group member, writer, and compulsive creative type. Over at her site, she’s posted two new bits of zombie fun: a crossword puzzle and a word search.

Check ’em out here.

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Robot Watch for X-mas, please

April 9th, 2008 by Weber

Every day, I kill fifty or sixty emails hawking ‘herbal remedies,’ legal advice, mail-order brides, and watches. Always with the watches. Hermays, Rol-esques, Tag Hewrs, and other overpriced knock-offs.

I might not be so quick with the shift+del If I ever got an email for one of these babies.



According to BornRich.org (‘your ultimate guide to the most expensive things in the world’), the Mr. Roboto ‘will go on sale from September 2008 for approx. $4,800.’


(more details on the watch and it’s inspiration here.)

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