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February 15th, 2009 by Weber

sunny day
click here to download (383K)

hearts and curls
click here to download (751KB)

Four in all, and free for you! These happy images of hearts and flowers will look great on just about any computer screen.

Originally done for Valentine’s day by Kidzilla (with some technical assistance from yours truly), these were emailed to The Wife and Grandparents, though her holiday sentiments (and signature) have been removed for your viewing pleasure.

To get yours, click the link below each thumbnail, then right-click and save the full-size image.


butterfly and hearts
click here to download (459KB)

hearts and curls lg
click here to download (401KB)

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Coloring book updates

May 21st, 2008 by Weber


Three more pages added to the FREE! DOWNLOADABLE! PRINTABLE! coloring book.




(Having some technical difficulty with the thumbnail function. Until that’s corrected, click the file names to view, right-click to ‘SAVE IMAGE AS . . .’ and print from there.)

This is shaping-up quite nicely.

As with the rest of it, these new pages are protected through Creative Commons. (See the bottom of his post for details)

Looking for the whole coloring book? Click Here To Download. (1.507MB)

Suggestions on drawings or activity pages? Mazes, match-ups, or word finds? Post them below or send ’em via email at the address noted on the ABOUT page.


Creative Commons License
Grace’s Coloring Book by Bradley Weber is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at www.juniormadscientist.com.

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Coloring Book Fun

May 11th, 2008 by Weber

click here to download (1.2MB)

Color by me.

Here’s some fun to take to daycare or (another) meeting about your company’s merger activity.

A 16-page coloring book!

All the art and subject text was created right here in the JMS Labs. The print at the bottom of the cover is Gorilla Milkshake, a free design font from the good people at


Here’s the important legal stuff:

Creative Commons License
Grace’s Coloring Book by Bradley Weber is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at www.juniormadscientist.com.

That means you can:

— Give it to the kids!

— Put it on your Web site!

— Mix it into your own art!

All you need do is give me credit (via the attribution link imbedded in the legal stuff ) and let me know you’re using it for non-commercial purposes.

(If you WANT to use it for commercial purposes, drop me a line here and we’ll talk.)

Scroll all the way to the top or bottom of this post and click to get. You can print all the pages or just your favorites.

If you have access to a scanner, email some finished artwork and I’ll post it.

click here to download (1.2MB)

In the planning stage is a JMS Activity Book full of more coloring fun, connect-the-dots, word finds, and so on, with all with your favorite JMS characters: Avenge-O, Monkeys On An Elevator, Mr. Punch, Inter-Galactic Space Patrol, and more.

If the coloring book gets a good response (i.e., lots of downloads and good feedback), the activity book will be next.

Enjoy and tell your friends!

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Free Coloring Book? Where?

May 8th, 2008 by Weber

image courtesy of these guys

If you think something’s missing, you’re right.

Earlier today, you might have seen a post for a free coloring book download. That got pulled until I get a better understanding of how Creative Commons licensing works.

Once that’s straight in my head, I’ll make the necessary updates and repost. Should be another day or two.

Thanks for standing-by. The coloring book is worth it.

“We’ll return to Days Of Our Lives in just a moment . . . . “

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Avenge-O Fan Art

May 7th, 2008 by Weber

(Update — April 13, 2010: had to disable comments due to crazy amounts of spam. If you have comments, please email me though the ABOUT page or add them to another post and I’ll move them to the right place. Thanks. bjw)

apropos of my earlier post on Avenge-O The Crime-Fighting Robot,

Below is some art done by Fine Arts Guild brother Bruce Bachelder. The first piece is from a few years ago (no date) and was painted over a couple of evenings when we were doing weekly Art Nights at . . . another location. ‘Nuff said.

The two ink drawings are recent, done specifically for JMS Showcase. Webmaster Mike did the color on the second. He said it didn’t take him long to do. He’s either lying or is just that damned talented. Not sure which? Check out his art here and his web work here.

There are still a few copies left of JMS Showcase. FREE! SIGNED! I pay the postage!

They’re going fast, so don’t wait!




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Avenge-O the Crime-fighting Robot (comics)

May 1st, 2008 by Weber


Avenge-O Adventures (click to download)(1.9MB)

Click the above link to see the first couple of installments in the Avenge-O saga.

The first story, “Forging of a Hero,” was written and drawn (by me) in 1999. It was supposed to be part of Supermarket Action!, a compilation showcasing the work of each Fine Arts Guild member. The conceit was every story had to take place in, or do with, a supermarket or grocery store.

It was a great idea. Unfortunately, it suffered from the same fatal defects encountered on most group projects and was never published. I don’t know if any of the other FAGs finished their parts. Not that it matters now.

Anyway, Part Two, “.38 Caliber Discount”, was written by me, too. I did a version with art for the book. In 2005, I headed to San Diego’s Comic Con International in search of an artist to work on a larger (awesomely good) Avenge-O script. I met cartoonist and industry inker Jorge Pacheco. He did a great job on these three pages. We’d planned to work together more, but he got married and had a kid, so that fell through, too.

Avenge-O first saw print in the (ultra-limited edition) JMS SHOWCASE. I sold almost the full run these in San Diego last year.


Other stories in this issue include “My Dead Grandmother Keeps Getting Mail,” an installment of “Monkeys On An Elevator”, and Parts I-III of “TOPOR: THE THING THAT SLEPT!”

I think there are still a few copies around. Anyone interested in a FREE! SIGNED! book, drop me a line in the comments section. I’ll give ’em away until there ain’t no more.

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Noble Failure #11 (Another 24-Hour Comic)

December 17th, 2007 by Weber

NOBLE FAILURE #11 (November 2007)


Noble Failure #11
(click here to download)(1.6MB)

What’s all the hub-bub, Bub?

Only the latest edition of NOBLE FAILURE, my monthly 24-Hour Comic!

(Just because they get done on a monthly basis doesn’t mean they’ve gotten posted in the same month. Lots of excuses I could bore you with, but why bother? You wouldn’t believe half of them anyway.)

Having gained a ton of computer drawing experience with NOBLE FAILURE #9, I decided to take another swing at an on-line comic.

Swing — and a miss!

Issue #11 tops out at 14 pages. There are some surprises in those pages, artistically speaking. The newsmen came out nicely. They don’t look like my usual style, which must mean I’m learning.

So, only one more issue to go. I’ve got a couple of days off in a row this week, so will making my twelfth and final attempt starting late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, depending on the wife and kid.

The final issue will be posted before the end of the year. Count on it!

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Noble Failure #10 (Another 24-Hour Comic)

November 30th, 2007 by Weber

NOBLE FAILURE #10 (October 2007)


Noble Failure #10 Halloween Special
(click here to download) (2.16MB)

I’m thinking this is about as close to a 24-Hour Comic as I’m going to get: Twenty-six(!) pages (24 interiors, plus front and back covers) penciled in 15-and-a-half hours. Yee-haw.

Then again with the headaches! What the #@$%*?!?? So instead of pushing myself to the point of illness, I put some finishing touches on the interiors, inked the front cover, and that was that.

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Noble Failure #9, Part V — The Last Of It

November 30th, 2007 by Weber

NF#9: “Big Trouble, Part V”
(Click to download)(867KB)

The final installment of the Mr. Sprinkles saga.

The art was finished back on October 24 but it took this long to get it posted.


Oh, doing the October AND November editions of my 24-Hour Comics, as well as a few other messes, trickbags, and imbroglios — all of which turned out fine. I’ve got a new job and a new car, neither of which I was looking for nor wanted at the time, though things are all working out for the better.

So, read and enjoy these last few pages of Noble Failure #9. Doing the story this way was completely worth it to me. I hope you’ll find the conclusion worth your wait.

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Noble Failure #9, Part IV

October 31st, 2007 by Weber

bad kitty

NF#9: “Big Trouble, Part IV”
(click to download) (948KB)

Mr. Sprinkles finds out what happened to the cat. But what happens to Mr. Sprinkles?

This story is definitely trouble for the fuzzy detective. Big Trouble.

Check back in a week (more or less) for the ending.

And it ain’t a happy one, either.

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