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Yeah, yeah. I know this part of the site is already supposed to have something — anything! — about me, what I do, and why I’m doing it. The thing is, I’m busy trying to get the interesting stuff on the site so it can do the talking.

So, I’m considering a contest: have my friends and/or family members write the ABOUT content for me. Just a few bits that will give the casual visitor some real insight as to who I am.

See, I could write all kinds of self-aggrandizing baloney about myself and you’d believe it. Why? Because it’s here. “He posted it; it must be true.” But, if I post stories by the people who know me, then you, the casual visitor, will get a much clearer idea of what I’m ABOUT.

Until then, here’s a picture of me in a gorilla suit.


(No gorillas were harmed in the pulling of this prank.)




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