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The Mouth of the Yukon — new fiction

March 23rd, 2010 by Weber


click here to download story (.pdf 472Kb)

(03/30 UPDATE: Had to pull and re-post the story document as it had some info on it that shouldn’t have been there. All clear now. Remain calm and carry on. That is all.)

A lot of stories have come off this machine lately, most of which are not entirely suitable for this site. Too many kids running around. Little kids — impressionable, not ready for restaurant hold-ups or the unpleasant demise of an old Southern matriarch.

And while this story isn’t for the wee young’uns, it’s ready material for the teenagers in your life. There’s some swearing in it, but nothing your average 6th grader hasn’t said or heard by now.

So, enough with the disclaimers. Enjoy the story; leave some comments. Repeat. Do it.

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