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New Process Animates Night Of The Living Dead

March 3rd, 2009 by Weber

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Over at LinkedIn‘s Illustrati group, a gentleman by the name of Christopher Panzner was asking for feedback on his new animation process. Basically, it takes rotoscoping (drawing over live-action performances) to a new level. The first feature getting the Re:Naissance treatment is none other than Romero’s original Night Of The Living Dead.

From Mr. Panzner’s Wikipedia entry: “For the first time ever in the 100-year history of animation, Re:Naissance is inverting the adaptation process by taking existing live-action films and faithfully reproducing them in animation, in a totally original graphic style unique to each film.”

While there’s no solid data on a release date, the Eye For Film site has a nice feature on it.

There are also some examples of the process on good ol’ YouTube. Well worth a look.


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