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Zombie Fighter

February 26th, 2009 by Weber


Good news! Some new fiction by yours truly!

I just posted a short story over at ZombieFriends.com“Maxfield Perish: Zombie Fighter”

There were some technical difficulties creating a link directly to the story. That appears to be fixed, but in case you’re having issues, just click the Zomibe Friends link to get to the site. On their index banner, click FORUM, then scroll down to DO IT YOURSELF and hit WRITERS WORKSHOP. My story should be near the top under the user name Fagein Sarks.

*** special No Prize to the first person who replies with the correct origin of my zombie name! ***

WARNING: This story lives up to the site’s tag line: “Startling Stories for All Ages.”

Startling? Oh, yeah.

For All Ages? Not this time.

Just so you know, this ain’t for the kiddies. Or the squeamish, faint of heart, people with lower back problems, or pregnant women. Or kids. Did I mention that already? Definitely not for kids. If it was, I’d’ve posted it here in all it’s gory glory.

Read. Comment. Repeat.



P.S. — the Zombie Friends engine appears to edit out all the swear words, so you’ll have to kind of Mad-Lib it when you see a series of asterisks. Sorry.

(UPDATE 06 FEB 0212:  Looks like the ZombieFriends site is suffering from some kind of personality disorder. The last few times I’ve been there to check the story’s stats, the FORUM has been unavailable and the site just hangs trying to load. So forget it. If you want to read, or re-read the story, you can get the .pdf from the STORIES tab or just click here. )

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Desktop Downloads

February 15th, 2009 by Weber

sunny day
click here to download (383K)

hearts and curls
click here to download (751KB)

Four in all, and free for you! These happy images of hearts and flowers will look great on just about any computer screen.

Originally done for Valentine’s day by Kidzilla (with some technical assistance from yours truly), these were emailed to The Wife and Grandparents, though her holiday sentiments (and signature) have been removed for your viewing pleasure.

To get yours, click the link below each thumbnail, then right-click and save the full-size image.


butterfly and hearts
click here to download (459KB)

hearts and curls lg
click here to download (401KB)

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