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Avenge-O the Crime-fighting Robot (comics)

May 1st, 2008 by Weber


Avenge-O Adventures (click to download)(1.9MB)

Click the above link to see the first couple of installments in the Avenge-O saga.

The first story, “Forging of a Hero,” was written and drawn (by me) in 1999. It was supposed to be part of Supermarket Action!, a compilation showcasing the work of each Fine Arts Guild member. The conceit was every story had to take place in, or do with, a supermarket or grocery store.

It was a great idea. Unfortunately, it suffered from the same fatal defects encountered on most group projects and was never published. I don’t know if any of the other FAGs finished their parts. Not that it matters now.

Anyway, Part Two, “.38 Caliber Discount”, was written by me, too. I did a version with art for the book. In 2005, I headed to San Diego’s Comic Con International in search of an artist to work on a larger (awesomely good) Avenge-O script. I met cartoonist and industry inker Jorge Pacheco. He did a great job on these three pages. We’d planned to work together more, but he got married and had a kid, so that fell through, too.

Avenge-O first saw print in the (ultra-limited edition) JMS SHOWCASE. I sold almost the full run these in San Diego last year.


Other stories in this issue include “My Dead Grandmother Keeps Getting Mail,” an installment of “Monkeys On An Elevator”, and Parts I-III of “TOPOR: THE THING THAT SLEPT!”

I think there are still a few copies around. Anyone interested in a FREE! SIGNED! book, drop me a line in the comments section. I’ll give ’em away until there ain’t no more.

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