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Kirk vs. Cthulhu?

April 13th, 2008 by Weber


I’ve just finished reading Tales Of H.P. Lovecraft, a collection of the master’s shorter works selected and introduced by Joyce Carol Oates. (With some nice cover art by Mike Mignola, creator of the steampunk-tastic, Amazing Screw-On Head!)

Tales is a nice intro to Lovecraft’s mad and lonely world. The ten stories showcase what I imagine are some of the man’s best (and most accessible?) efforts, but also provide a Whitman’s Sampler of what has become known as The Cthulhu Mythos.

The central tenant of Lovecraft’s ‘pseudomythology’ is that Earth has been repeatedly invaded and populated over the eons by a series of alien races. In fact, “At The Mountains Of Madness,” hints that everything living here — plants, animals, humans — evolved from some ancient Elder Things’ experiments that were left to run wild.

So, if they (the Old Ones/Elder Things, Outer Gods, etc., etc.), are of outer space, and for as far and wide as the Enterprise ranged over the years, you’d think sometime, somewhere, Kirk & Co. would have come across these star-spawn, or at the very least, the degenerate remains of their home worlds.

I went looking for Star Trek/Cthulhu Mythos stories — authorized or fan fic — but my Interwebbular searches availed naught.

Has anyone written or found anything in this vein? If so, I humbly request your links. Please add them to the Comments section.

Many thanks.

( Kirk image courtesy of these nice people, Cthulhu image courtesy of this guy.)

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3 Responses

  1. CHV Says:

    I have no knowledge of such stories.

    Good thing, too, as it would no doubt end with the Enterprise crew going insane, and winding up in the 24th century’s version of Arkham.

  2. deg Says:

    Closet thing to a Lovecraft-ian theme in the ST universe would have been the episode Catspaw (aired just before (26th) Halloween 1967.

    It dealt with an elder race of advanced creatures, posing as necromancers, this imagery tapped from the thoughts of the crew’s darkest fears.

    Not spot on, but pretty close to your request.

    Cake Town: EAT IT!


  3. deg Says:

    BTW, the aliens as they appear at the end of the eps. in their true form, do kinds resemble the Cthulhu in that pic, even if they are a bit smaller, and puppets!


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