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Noble Failure #12 (The Last 24-Hour Comic)

December 31st, 2007 by Weber

NOBLE FAILURE #12 (December 2007)


(Click here to view)

01/02/08 UPDATE:

Thanks to Webmaster Mike for creating the link to the final installment of NOBLE FAILURE.

The first part is a self contained story. The last two pages are experiments with the 3-panel dailies usually seen in newspapers. There’s no narrative connection between the two pages.

(That might be an interesting 24-Hour Comic: 24 pages of 3-panel gags that have no narrative thread other than the main character. Could you keep a coherent story out of that many pages and panels?)

Started at 9:00AM 12/30/07
Finished at 04:09AM 12/31/07

Pithy commentary to follow sometime after the new year.

[Having some technical difficulties with the upload: my blog account won’t let me upload files larger than 1.9MB. (NF12 is 2.08MB. So close, and yet so far). Will be asking Webmaster Mike for some assistance a little later — when it’s not 4:30 in the morning. So, yeah, please stand by. ]


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I AM BORING (Movie Review)

December 17th, 2007 by Weber


Caught a midnight IMAX show last Thursday of the new Will Smith movie, I AM LEGEND.

Walking out of the theater afterward, my instant review was, “Better than expected.” Further consideration prompts me to re-label the film I AM BORING.

It never really got going.

Yes, the abandoned NY looked great, but the only moment of real tension was when Smith went looking for his dog. With all the psychological issues of being the last man alive, the underdeveloped plot lines regarding the zombie/vampire community, I AM LEGEND represents yet another property that should have been made into a 13-episode season on HBO or Showtime.

And all the belabored symbolism paralleling Smith and Shrek — yikes.

Your best bet to see I AM LEGEND is to wait for it to hit the 2nd-run houses or maybe even DVD.

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Noble Failure #11 (Another 24-Hour Comic)

December 17th, 2007 by Weber

NOBLE FAILURE #11 (November 2007)


Noble Failure #11
(click here to download)(1.6MB)

What’s all the hub-bub, Bub?

Only the latest edition of NOBLE FAILURE, my monthly 24-Hour Comic!

(Just because they get done on a monthly basis doesn’t mean they’ve gotten posted in the same month. Lots of excuses I could bore you with, but why bother? You wouldn’t believe half of them anyway.)

Having gained a ton of computer drawing experience with NOBLE FAILURE #9, I decided to take another swing at an on-line comic.

Swing — and a miss!

Issue #11 tops out at 14 pages. There are some surprises in those pages, artistically speaking. The newsmen came out nicely. They don’t look like my usual style, which must mean I’m learning.

So, only one more issue to go. I’ve got a couple of days off in a row this week, so will making my twelfth and final attempt starting late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, depending on the wife and kid.

The final issue will be posted before the end of the year. Count on it!

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