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September 28th, 2007 by Weber


On November 14, 2006, I got myself a new Moleskine Reporter notebook.

There appears to be a whole fabricated mythos to the brand, which I bought into at the time. Silly me.

Though now I find that Neil Gaiman and Jonathan Carroll are Moleskine fans, both writing first drafts and logging other notes in the books. Better endorsements than those you can’t get.

Regardless of who loves them or the marketing baloney, the book practically begs to be written on, especially with a nice pen (more about I will post another day).

I filled pages from November through mid-June with writing only. I thought I was on my way to leaving myself an interesting notebook until I found out what other people were doing with their Moleskines.

After that, I started taping in pieces of the day: things I found, fortunes from cookies, bits of paper related to specific entries — and the thing above.

The “Juxtaposure” postcard was found in the Elk Grove Public Library’s copy of Mythic Image (704.947 CAM).

And, yes, it’s is really that magenta. It sure would have been hard to miss in your stack of mail.

Click the thumbnail to view the back.


Anybody know anybody who was part of the show, or went to this exhibit? Please send me some details. Thanks.

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