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Noble Failure #9, Part II

September 30th, 2007 by Weber

NF#9: “Big Trouble, Part II”
(click to download) (521KB)

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Noble Failure #9, Part I

September 28th, 2007 by Weber

NF09: “Big Trouble, Part I”
(click to download) (740KB)

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Postcards from the Past

September 28th, 2007 by Weber


On November 14, 2006, I got myself a new Moleskine Reporter notebook.

There appears to be a whole fabricated mythos to the brand, which I bought into at the time. Silly me.

Though now I find that Neil Gaiman and Jonathan Carroll are Moleskine fans, both writing first drafts and logging other notes in the books. Better endorsements than those you can’t get.

Regardless of who loves them or the marketing baloney, the book practically begs to be written on, especially with a nice pen (more about I will post another day).

I filled pages from November through mid-June with writing only. I thought I was on my way to leaving myself an interesting notebook until I found out what other people were doing with their Moleskines.

After that, I started taping in pieces of the day: things I found, fortunes from cookies, bits of paper related to specific entries — and the thing above.

The “Juxtaposure” postcard was found in the Elk Grove Public Library’s copy of Mythic Image (704.947 CAM).

And, yes, it’s is really that magenta. It sure would have been hard to miss in your stack of mail.

Click the thumbnail to view the back.


Anybody know anybody who was part of the show, or went to this exhibit? Please send me some details. Thanks.

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Noble Failure #9 — An update

September 28th, 2007 by Weber

Climb Mount Fuji,
O snail,
but slowly, slowly.

Kobayashi Issa (1763 -1827)

Some teaser art for the forthcoming NOBLE FAILURE #9.

The pages for the September attempt at a 24-Hour Comic are progressing, but slowly, slowly.

The hang-up has to do with working on the computer. The vector graphic program/drawing tablet combo are getting easier to use, however, I find myself tinkering with individual lines for long, long minutes to get the angle of an arm or just the right bend in a word balloon’s tail. I keep telling myself, It’s a word balloon! Let it go! but the program’s 2000% zoom and the ability to infinitely monkey/un-monkey with lines only feeds my compulsive compulsion to obsessively-compulse over every detail until it’s right. Right? RIGHT?!?

Well, that’s my neurosis, not mine (or mine), and clearly defeats the point of a 24-Hour comic.

But I’m happy with the eight pages done so far. It’s not often I can say that about my own work, so that’s at least something.

The wife and kid are off to Minnesota for a long weekend, leaving me here to work on more comic art and to pound away at a middle grade sci-fi/adventure/comedy I’ve been wrestling with.

I wonder which I’ll finish first.

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1:57 to Stinksville (Movie Review)

September 27th, 2007 by Weber

This dude in the Rocketeer jacket? A mere supporting character. Can you say, “bait and switch”?

The first thing I did when I came home from seeing 3:10 To Yuma was take a shower — to get rid of the stink.
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Ugly Money

September 13th, 2007 by Weber

A few weeks ago, I found this mutant 1963 Jefferson head nickel.


The back looks even worse.


Anybody have an idea what could have done this?

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NOBLE FAILURE #8 (Another 24-Hour Comic)

September 12th, 2007 by Weber

NOBLE FAILURE #8 (August 2007)


(This probably should have been posted prior to my September attempt. Ran into some problems trying to layout the pages and get them converted to decent sized PDFs. Problems solved, thanks to the wife. See below.)

Noble Failure #8, Part I — “Monkeys On An Elevator
(click here to download PDF) (1.34MB)

Noble Failure #8, Part II — “Inter-Galactic Space Patrol”
(click here to download PDF) (1.6MB)

The August comic is — surprise, surprise! — another noble failure. I’m not even sure if they can be considered noble any more, just failures.

Don’t get me wrong: the stories are getting better and art is a little more serviceable, but I’m barely paying attention to the time requirements any more.

When I start these things, it’s with the full intent to do all 24 pages in 24 hours. But man, it’s getting rougher, even with all the household/baby wrangling support from the lovely and talented Stephanie. By hour 18, I’m pretty well fried.

I’m glad I’m doing this little project, and pleasantly surprised with most of the results. I’ll tell you what, though. I’m already looking forward to January.

The August issue started great: ten pages in eight hours. How awesome is that? Frickin’ awesome, if you ask me. Then things started to fall apart: Distractions, my perfection obsession — the usual.

I did get all 24 pages penciled in 24 hours, but then went back and did the inks.

Due to layout changes in the two stories, this issue is split into separate files.

Read. Enjoy. Comment.


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“Where’s the Beef?”

September 10th, 2007 by Weber

JMS pal and Fine Arts Guild brother, Mystic Mark wants to know, “Brad where is the update?”

Good question. Here’s the long answer:

This past weekend was set aside for my monthly attempt at a 24-Hour comic. As this issue was going to be done virtually — totally rendered in the computer — one would have expected 24 staggering pages of storytelling genius posted today for your reading pleasure.


Don’t get me wrong: the September edition is indeed a great comic, or will be when it’s done.

Stay with me here.
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