Junior Mad Scientist – Lab Notes

Press. Press. Pull.

August 3rd, 2007 by Weber

Thanks to world-renowned blogger Wayne Beamer for some nice virtual ink on today’s Comics Alliance boards.

7. My pal, Brad Weber, has posted some very entertaining +/- 24-hour comics at Junior Mad Scientist.com. The best of the bunch — The Pancake Tree — begs to be read by a larger audience.

What will it take for some smart publisher out there to figure this out?

Click over to read more of Wayne’s work and the the final assessment of his San Diego adventure in, “Things I Learned At Comic-Con”.

And if you haven’t yet read The Pancake Tree — or any of my other 24-Hour Comics — what’s stopping you? YOU GO NOW!

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One Response

  1. wayne beamer Says:

    Hey Brad,

    Thanks for the kind words… but “Pancake Tree” really is an awesome book. Take a well-deserved bow!


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