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Steampunk is the new black

July 27th, 2007 by Weber


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Mr. Josh Freeman of El Cajon, CA arrives at Comic-Con dressed as a 19th Century Ghostbuster, complete with ascot, high hat, and leather wrapped goggles. The proto-proton pack, gun, and ghost trap are constructed from varnished woods, brass gears and fittings, and the all-important pressure gauge.

Mr. Freeman’s Ghostbuster eschews gentlemanly fashion for function, choosing to work without a coat — morning, frock, nor laboratory. He instead sports a tasteful ten-button vest bearing a steampunk version of the “no ghosts” logo.


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12 Responses

  1. Josh Freeman Says:

    psst… Josh Freeman 🙂

  2. Jenne Freeman Says:

    Josh, not Jason!

  3. petnos Says:

    what an act.

  4. Cosplay Diary Says:

    A most excellent costume and idea! Costumers/Cosplayers are the best part of conventions!

  5. jesse Says:

    hey! reppin my home town of E.C.

    dig the outfit, but is there really a steampunk movement???

  6. gilligansrapist Says:

    amazing costume, amazing idea. well done, josh. keep up the good work.

  7. shawn Says:

    and why do people like this have so much time on their hands!?!?!

  8. steampunkisthenewgay Says:

    This stuff is great and all, but these are just stupid if they’re not functional somehow. With modern physics analysis software and manufacturing, it should be possible to manufacture devices that are not only steampunk but are actually functional in interesting ways.

    Do otherwise and you might as well be doing sailormoon cosplay.

  9. Bill Vincent Says:


    You mean to tell me you’ve never seen art? You’ve never painted a picture, drawing or doodle? Never gazed upon a statue, monument or monolith?
    Many objects bearing the title ‘steampunk’ ARE indeed functional, but it’s not a requirement. The beauty of steampunk is in the beauty of steampunk.
    I can only dream of having the patience and skill to create something as beautiful and artistic as this.

  10. Rasputin Says:

    Have to agree with 8 here… art is cool and all, but the whole back-pack that looks functional but in fact doesn’t is a serious let down.

    Cyberpunk wins by far here, because, as Gibson said, it’s already here.

  11. cyberpunkisthenewgay Says:

    what the hell? are you expecting the thing to actually send out a proton stream?


  12. Ravenor Says:

    I know, what’s the point of having a proton pack if it’s not going to actually trap ghosts? I mean, that’s just pointless. At least make something that can have some kind of effect on ghosts, or you’re just wasting your time.

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