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Worth 1000 (Web site)

July 6th, 2007 by Weber

A Clockwork Abe

“Cyborg Lincoln” by annihlist, from Celebrity Cyborgs 8

As regular readers to this site may have noticed, I tend not to post many links to other sites. I feel there are better link warehouses (e.g., BoingBoing) that showcase the rest of the Web faster than I can, and I’d rather spend the time creating original content.

That being said, I can’t pass up posting about Worth1000.com. This site runs topic-based contests for people of all skill levels to submit their work for review and reward. Categories include Photoshopped images, photography, the written word, and multimedia illustration.

You could spend days looking at the amazing art people turn out. Some of the contests are more successful than others (most the Dr. Seus entries were disappointing), though all are worth a look.

The best contest I’ve found so far is Vintage Products 6. Contestants were to re-imagine current products with older design sensibilities. The Honda Penny Farthing is a favorite.


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