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The Liberty of a Laptop

July 6th, 2007 by Weber


On the advice of the lovely and talented Stephanie (A.K.A, “the wife), I’ve joined the ranks of millions of Apple users. In her extensive experience the Macs have been easier to use, have fewer problems, aren’t susceptible to viruses, require less care and feeding, and are all-around better machines.

(One thing I need to make clear is that, the wife rarely gives me her unsolicited opinion. She knows I have definite ideas about what I’m doing and how I want it done, and lets me screw-up and fix my problems on my own. But when she decides to say something, I listen more to her than I do to anyone else. She’s piped-up only a handful of times in eleven years of marriage, and each time her advice has been sound. )

So I bought a MacBook.

We’ll see how it does, how easy it is to use. All I can say right now is — so far, so good.

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  1. "the wife" Says:

    Welcome to the Dark Side, you knob…

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