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Finally! A reason to buy Marvel Comics

July 6th, 2007 by Weber

genius for hire

One hundred twenty-two days ago, I stopped buying comics.

The thing to understand is I’m a comics reader, not a collector. I’m in it for the stories. And the stories from The Big Two have long been turning from stale to moldy.

I’d grown tired of the melba toast melodrama cranked out by DC and Marvel. I was evermore pissed-off about blowing three bucks on a “book” that took me less than ten minutes to read and was nearly half ads. And the stories? Jesus, the stories. Every comic read like a rejected “Days Of Our Lives” script; the annual continuity shattering/re-ordering “event” never failed to end in another Civil Crisis of Infinite Boredom.

Multiply by six books a week. That’s about a thousand dollars a year. For what?

It was time to yank that spandex-clad monkey off my back.

I called my comic shop guy on a Tuesday and told him to cancel my pull list — a decision beautifully validated the following morning by the “shocking” death of Captain America .


And except for taking my daughter to Free Comic Book Day, I haven’t been in a shop since.

My four-color ennui vanished last week when I read that my close personal friend, Rich Koslowski, will be writing for the upcoming revamp of MARVEL COMICS ANTHOLOGY.

A Marvel comic from the genius who brought us The King, The Three Geeks saga (soon to be an indy motion picture), and the Ignatz Award Winning Three Fingers.

The book doesn’t hit stands until September but, much to my surprise, I’m already in line.

Get all the details from Rich right here.


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