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Noble Failure #6 (Another 24-Hour Comic)

June 14th, 2007 by Weber

Noble Failure #6 (June 2007)


Apologies for not posting last Thursday night/Friday morning; I was deep in the throes of this month’s 24-Hour Comic. And it wasn’t going well.

This one feels less like a “Noble Failure” than a Miserable one, though I did learn more about my process and what it might take to make a successful one next time. Things such as:

  • Don’t make a day-start after 7AM or an evening-start before 9PM
  • Do a couple of pages of art first, then move to a script session
  • Don’t script for more than 90 minutes
  • Do draw and ink the longest story first
  • Don’t waste time calling ComEd about the power being out
  • Do a good job of lettering sound effects
  • Don’t rush the art; you’ll regret it
  • Do schedule more than two weeks between 24-Hour Comics

As you’re bound to notice, the Mr. Punch story isn’t finished. The four pages presented aren’t even inked. Fret not: the world will eventually see how it ends. I’ll be using it to help me learn the secret kung-fu of vector graphic illustration.

“There’s a difference between knowing the clipping path, and walking the clipping path.”


So, yeah. Stay tuned for that.

Enjoy the comic.

nf6cover.jpg nf6p01.jpg nf6p02.jpg nf6p03.jpg nf6p04.jpg nf6p05.jpgnf6p06.jpg nf6p07.jpg nf6p08.jpg nf6p09.jpg nf6p10.jpg nf6p11.jpg nf6p12.jpg nf6p13.jpg nf6p14.jpg nf6p15.jpg nf6p16.jpg

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  1. Mark Says:

    More than two weeks and still no update. Man what a cheap site this is. You make a promise to your follower (if you have any) and you don’t keep it. By the way MAKE MARVEL MINE!

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