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My Dead Grandmother Keeps Getting Mail

May 31st, 2007 by Weber


My Dead Grandmother Keeps Getting Mail
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Here it is! The long-awaited, much-touted mystery comic. It took nine months to do, but the finished story came out much better than expected thanks to two key people:

The wife, who aided with various visual elements and let me tie up her iMac for a whole day.

My wonderful and tolerant mother, who provided old snapshots and acted as a photo reference without asking too many questions. (And to think she was worried I was going to do something weird with those pictures.)

This comic is dedicated with a great deal of love to the memory of my grandmother — who really did die 14 years ago and whose mail still gets delivered to my house.

I miss you, Charlie. Now more than ever.

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2 Responses

  1. deg Says:

    That’s AWESOME! dude, love the TONE, writing and art. Great job man. 🙂


  2. wayne beamer Says:


    Your Grandmother story wasn’t one of your recent “Noble Failures” — an oxymoron of a name if there ever was one — and I didn’t care either…

    Fact is, your story — my favorite so far on JMS.com — reminded me in tone and quiet humor of Eddie Campbell’s recent family-themed work.

    Just so you know, I don’t waste time or my reputation making comparisons, unless they fit. And, in this case, it does.


    Wayne Beamer, Comics Alliance

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