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Noble Failure #5 (Another 24-Hour Comic)

May 24th, 2007 by Weber

NOBLE FAILURE #5 (May 2007)



At last, a full 24-page comic. It took 32 hours to complete. The extra time included a much needed nap and two — yes, TWO — trips to the orthodontist. Without the various interruptions, the book would have clocked-in at 26 hours, so it was going to be noble failure either way. Still, I’m fairly pleased with this effort.

Scanning/rescanning, sizing, and uploading all these pages has eaten-up all this week’s hours allocated for blogging. Rest assured, though: there will be more details soon on the overall process, this particular issue, and what was done differently to help me finally hit the standard page count.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

nf5cover_a_sm.jpg nf5cover_b.jpg nf5p01.jpg nf5p02.jpg nf5p03.jpg nf5p04.jpg nf5p05.jpg nf5p06.jpg nf5p07.jpg nf5p08.jpg nf5p09.jpg nf5p101.jpg nf5p11.jpg nf5p12.jpg nf5p13.jpg nf5p14.jpg nf5p15.jpg nf5p16.jpg nf5p17.jpg nf5p18.jpg nf5p19.jpg nf5p20.jpg nf5p21.jpg nf5p22.jpg nf5p23.jpg nf5p24.jpg

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3 Responses

  1. Eric Joyner Says:

    Funny story, Brad:) Kida trippy, actually!
    I like the donut tree of course!

  2. wayne beamer Says:


    This smart fable of yours made me laugh out loud with its wise sense of humor and insight, a quality very few comics creators have mastered with any regularity.

    Thank you for a great story!

    Wayne Beamer, Comics Alliance

  3. Junior Mad Scientist - Lab Notes » Blog Archive » Press. Press. Pull. Says:

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