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The Request Lines Are Now Open

April 26th, 2007 by Weber

The site had been live for a couple of weeks when came this unexpected piece of fan mail:

I‘ve checked your site out a couple of times and it looks good.

I feel that you should put that poem you wrote about “loving you best when you are very far away” on there. I love that one!

Also, be careful what you wish for if you ask other people to write something about you! I’ll bet I could come up with a something verrry interesting!

Keep up the hard work!

Love, Mom

This started a hunt through the floppy disk archives for something I wrote back in 1993. It was eventually re-discovered on one of the dozen or so back-ups that was part of my regular college writing routine.

It might seem like a bit much, but in those days I would save data to:

a) a working version on the hard drive,
b) to floppy disk #1, and
c) floppy disk #2

Overkill? Sure.
Obsessive? Maybe.
Data loss? Nope. Not one file.

I’d heard too many horror stories about people working long hours on projects then losing it all when they (finally) tried to save or print. Even if those were just cautionary tales, I learned long ago to save early and save often.

And who taught me that valuable lesson in preventing a nervous breakdown?

My mom.

So here’s the poem by special request. Enjoy.

By Bradley James Weber

This time we’ve spent together
these languid summer nights
the moonlit walks
the late night talks
breakfast by candlelight

The more I come to know you
the more I yearn to say
My darling I love you best of all
when you’re very far away

Your plaintive whines
grate like pitchfork tines
struck on shallow frozen ponds
When we make love, my turtle-dove
I never think of baseball

I think it’s sweet
you think I care
Yet apathy is here to stay
It’s true, I love you best of all
when you’re very far away

Don’t cry my dear
don’t scream or pout
don’t even talk to me
Just get your things and disappear
Become a memory

I’ve thought this through so carefully
and neglected no detail
All bank accounts stand in my name
I’ll try to forward mail

Please be informed I’ll call the cops
if you’re not soon on your way
My darling I love you best of all
when you’re very far away.

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