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Noble Failure #4 (Another 24-Hour Comic)

April 26th, 2007 by Weber


NOBLE FAILURE #4 (April 2007)

READ! the stunning conclusion to TOPOR: THE THING THAT SLEPT — Can the diminutive Dr. Riley and his sexy, cycloptic, assistant survive the tired trespasser from space?

GUFFAW! at the antics of those mischievous MONKEYS ON AN ELEVATOR!

WONDER! why I can’t do 24 pages in 24 Hours!

(scroll beyond the art for more sly commentary)

nf04cover.jpg nf04p1.jpg nf04p2.jpg nf04p3.jpg nf04p4.jpg nf04p5.jpg nf04p6.jpg nf04p7.jpg nf04p8.jpg nf04p9.jpg nf04p10.jpg nf04p11.jpg

(Sincere apologies to the great Jack Kirby for misappropriating some of the artwork from Fantastic Four #1. The King is dead. LONG LIVE THE KING!)

At long last! We are up-to-date with the comics.

As you can see, the page count slipped again this issue, though that wasn’t for a lack of trying.

This time the mindset was, “Do the pages!” so I was prepared to hit all 24, and a cover. The day started at 8AM; MONKEYS ON AN ELEVATOR got knocked-out in just under an hour and speedy progress was made on the cover.

Then the interruptions started: screaming child, barking dogs, a last-minute call from our realtor asking if it was OK for someone to view the house at 1:30 — the list goes on.

Honestly, it’s a surprise so many pages got done. This attempt was such a mess, I almost changed the title to MISERABLE FAILURE. If the current cover hadn’t already been done, I probably would have.

The main push for this issue was to complete TOPOR — which, just so you know, was not plotted in advance. For the most part, each segment of TOPOR was worked-out during production. The only exception was pages 2 and 3 of part III; those carried-over from the March issue. Dr. Riley’s last line was too good to throw away. Everything else though was fresh-ground and made that day, including the ending.

Now I can move on to other, less inking-intensive stories — though there are frequent and insistent requests for more Abraham Lincoln stories. I’ll see what I can do.

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