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Noble Failure #2 (another 24-Hour Comic)

April 17th, 2007 by Weber

NOBLE FAILURE #2 (February 2007)


Ah, yes. Scans for my mythical second attempt at a 24-Hour Comic. The February edition has more content — 16 pages, plus this snappy cover — though the overall tone has taken a dark and brooding turn.

There’s blood.
And some swearing.
And a couple of dead bodies.
And monkeys.

In fact, unless you’re 18 or older, or have expressed written consent from your parent(s) or legal guardian, it’d be a good idea to skip February. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, kids.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The events in this comic do not in anyway reflect my emotional state, then or now. I am not, nor have I ever been, suicidal. I don’t believe I am friendless or that my family has abandoned me. It’s just a story.

That being said, I DO believe those rats at the International Astronomical Union poked a dirty stick at Pluto.

“Dwarf Planet” my achin’ eye!

As always, your comments are welcomed and encouraged.

nf2cover.jpg nf2p1.jpg nf2p2and3sm.jpg nf2p4.jpg nf2p5.jpg nf2p6.jpg nf2p7.jpg nf2p8.jpg nf2p9.jpg nf2p10.jpg nf2p11.jpg nf2p12.jpg nf2p13.jpg nf2p14.jpg nf2p15.jpg nf2p161.jpg

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  2. Dennis Says:

    I was looking for the latest Monkeys on an Elevator, so I decided to re-read some earlier works. Don’t remember reading Abe before. Asking Abe if he’s holding…brilliant. I agree, more Abe.

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